Technology is changing the way spinal surgeons operate. Improved imaging techniques and maller ‘hardware’ allows surgeons to minimise incisions.
As a pathologist I am closer to the requestors and patients than many of our staff. Indeed as a doctor who sees patients I can offer an immediate and personal assessment of the quality of service we offer.
In 1991, Ashford Hospital become South Australia’s first private hospital to perform cardiac bypass surgery and undertook its 10,000th case, on 21 June 2017. After 26 years, Ashford Hospital remains at the forefront of cardiac care.
Growth and Innovation
Sydney Southwest Private Hospital is the region’s leading private hospital that aims to provide worldclass private healthcare to a growing community.
Sunnybank has cemented itself as one of Brisbane's fastest growing medical hubs with a new, specialist centre to open as part of a $50 million redevelopment of Sunnybank Private Hospital.
A $54 million expansion at Newcastle Private Hospital (NPH) is due to be completed in August resulting in better care and outcomes for patients.
Behind the News
It’s often the small things that new parents appreciate when they leave hospital with their precious newborn, bonding time, sleep and a delicious meal that they don’t have to make themselves.
Mount Hospital's most colourful character, Philippe Binder, is hanging up the 'bow tie' after more than three decades helping patients with their meal selection and adding a touch of French flair to their day.
Shift management and rostering is one of the most complex and time consuming administrative tasks undertaken across all 45 Healthscope hospitals.